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Re: which directory pure64 or gcc-3.4?

On 2004-10-11 12:53:34 -0700, Kristian G. Kvilekval wrote:
> What is the status of the gcc-3.4 repository?  
> Is it in a usable state and how complete is it compared
> to pure64?

I use the gcc-3.4 archive for some weeks now without a problem.
I don't know about the completeness of the archive compared to pure64
but I don't miss any package.
> Is it possible to just point apt at that repository to
> upgrade.

I changed the sources.list to gcc-3.4 and took care to update all
packages to the gcc-3.4 ones especially ones which depend on libstdc++5.
In the end I could remove gcc-3.3 and libstdc++5.


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