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Re: Need ia32 alsa lib

On 04-Oct-07 15:39, greg wrote:
> I'm compiling slmodem with ALSA support, in order to use an i8x0m modem.
> Unfortunately, it won't compile with ia64 libs, so I use the "-m32" option. But it won't compile
> neither because ia32-libs deb package does not contain libasound.so.
> So, is there a way to have libasound.so in the ia32-libs package ? Or is their a rapid way to get
> this binary ?

Until libasound will be available from the ia32-libs package,
you can take the 32bit libasound library files from an i386 
installation or from the i386 .deb package and copy them to 

After running 'ldconfig' the libasound shared library should 
be usable.

BTW, the -m32 option works only with gcc-3.4 at the moment.

Andreas Jochens

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