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Re: Install Report: Tyan Thunder K8S Pro / dual Opteron 250 / 2GB / SATA root

On Thursday 30 September 2004 20:30, Johan Groth wrote:
> I have a Tyan K8W (2885) and having nothing but grief. My biggest problem
> right now is that the graphics card seems to get turned off by the kernel.
> After the grub message "Booting the kernel" absolutely nothing is
> displayed. It seems to boot fine though, can't check cause I haven't
> installed sshd, nor telnetd.

I used to have problems with the screen blanking when rebooting on a 2885 
board. (nVidia GF4 Ti4200, DVI monitor). Power cycling the monitor or 
resetting the machine usually brought it back to life.

Updating the Tyan bios to 2.02 seems to have fixed the problems.


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