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Re: Java and others on amd64

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 21:31, Tobias Krais wrote:

> - Java
> - Openoffice
> - Eclipse
> - Realplayer
> How do you get such applications to work? Do you compile it from source?

I haven't checked java and/or eclipse, but for the two others:
You can't compile realplayer from source, simply because it's closed
source. The realplayer-based helix (?) player should be working, but it
does not contain the realmedia codecs.

OpenOffice does not currently compile for amd64 - and even if it did,
you really wouldn't want to... it's HUGE. amd64 support is planned for
OpenOffice 2.0, so you'll have to wait for that if you want a native

Ok, so you can't run those two in a pure 64bit environment. However it's
not a big deal to get them running in a 32bit chroot (ok, I haven't
checked realplayer, but openoffice is running fine). Check the pure64
FAQ for more information.

Sebastian Steinlechner

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