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Re: A8V + Drivemess

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 03:34:59PM +0300, msaren wrote:
> I get Asus A8V motherboard with Promise 20378 and VIA8237 ide 
> controlles. Now I have /boot partition in standard IDE controller and 
> Debian installer sees it with out problems. I'd like to put / partition 
> in Promise RAID, in which I have to identical PATA drives. However, 
> Debian installer does not see any drives (except /boot). Drives at 
> Promise controller work anyway nice with XP.

The PATA ports on a Promise controllers are not (yet) supported, see
http://linux.yyz.us/sata/sata-status.html .

> So what should I do? With lsmod I found both sata_via.ko and 
> sata_promise.ko. Should I get some extra kernelmodule for Promise RAID?

First of all, it's not a hardware RAID so don't expect blazing write
performance, see http://linux.yyz.us/sata/faq-sata-raid.html .

I think your current options are:

- Use a Promise PATA controller IDE card
- Get SATA drives and connect them to your Promise 20378
- Get SATA-->PATA bridges so you can connect your PATA drives to the


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