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thread issues?


I'm trying to compile the numa utilities on a dual opteron running 
amd64 'unstable'.

I'm having a problem similar to this one (but using libc6 2.3.2.ds1-16):

When I try to make the numa lib, it chokes like so:

matilda:~/numactl-0.7-pre1# make
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2   -c -o numactl.o numactl.c
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2   -c -o util.o util.c
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2   -c -o shm.o shm.c
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2   -c -o bitops.o bitops.c
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2 -fPIC   -c -o libnuma.o libnuma.c
gcc -g -Wall -I. -O2 -fPIC   -c -o syscall.o syscall.c
gcc -shared -Wl,-soname=libnuma.so.1 -o libnuma.so.1 libnuma.o syscall.o
ln -sf libnuma.so.1 libnuma.so
gcc   numactl.o util.o shm.o bitops.o libnuma.so   -o numactl
libnuma.so: undefined reference to `__tls_get_addr'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [numactl] Error 1

can anyone suggest a fix, or reproduce this problem?


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