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Re: ltmodem


> Has anyone gotten ltmodem to compile in pure-amd64? I've tried that
> and I've tried using the ia32-libs-dev, using both gcc-3.3 * 3.4. I
> probably didn't do it right though :(
> Here's the last of the output from ./build_module. I added the -m32 in
> various places in the Makefile. I also had to change the
> -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 to =4, otherwise it complains that it's
> not within the range it wants.

>From the above I get the feeling you are trying to compile a driver in
32-bit mode that you want to insert into a 64-bit kernel. That will never
You need the 64-bit driver. If that does not exist for ltmodem then you
are out of luck.


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