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amd64 debian kernels now require GCC 3.4


Starting from version 2.6.8-4 all amd64 kernel images are compiled 
using gcc-3.4. 

This affects third party modules like nvidia drivers, wich have to be
compiled with 

CC=gcc-3.4 make module

you can verify the resultwith modinfo, the output should contain a line
like this:

vermagic:       2.6.8-4-amd64-k8 gcc-3.4

If you need to run make-kpkg to build additional modules, the command 
looks as follows:

MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-3.4" make-kpkg ...

And a note for those of us running intel boxen: the amd64-xeon flavour 
has been split into:

em64t-p4 - uniprocessor kernel image for intel P4 based systems with one
processor and HT disabled.

em64t-p4-smp - smp kernel image for Xeon based systems with 2 or more
processors or uniprocessor P4 systems with HT enabled.

Frederik Schueler


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