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Re: AMD64 Openmosix

Jeroen Coumans <jeroencoumans@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to figure out the best way to build up a amd64-based HPC
> cluster with four nodes and one headserver. My intention is to run
> Openmosix on it. Does it work reliably or should I stay with 32bit for
> now?

Last I checked (couple weeks ago) there was neither support for AMD64
nor Linux 2.6.x yet in OpenMosix.  However, it seems that this support
is under development.

But, I did run OM for Linux 2.4.24 x86 (latest supported version at
the time) on a 3 node dual opteron cluster for a couple months.  I had
problems where file cache memory leaked.  After about 2 weeks all 2G
RAM + 2GB swap on the main server was exhausted and it would crash.  I
didn't attempt to get to the bottom of it beyond confirming it was

For now I've abandoned OM and am looking at some traditional batch


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