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Re: Attempt #2


I've managed to boot it now, but I can't setup dmraid for my medley
array. I'll ask elsewhere.


On 9/18/2004, "Peter Cordes" <peter@cordes.ca> wrote:

>On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 09:42:46PM +1200, Ross Williamson wrote:
>> After giving up trying to install debian on my medley raid system I
>> decided to try installing to a standard IDE disk drive and try my luck
>> at copying the system over to raid later.
>> However, on completing the install and rebooting I was greeted with
>> "GRUB GRUB GRUB" repeating forever (yes I was booting from, and
>> installed to the IDE drive). I chose to install grub to the MBR. After
>> some thinking I then re-ran the install and tried lilo as my boot
>> loader. Now it says "L 01 01 01"... etc. What could be wrong?
> Maybe your old hard drive doesn't support LBA or LBA32?  Try removing the
>"linear" option from your lilo.conf.
>> The IDE drive I'm using is quite small (340MB) as I have given away all
>> my larger ones... Could this be an issue?
>#define X(x,y) x##y
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