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External hard drive problem

Hi all,
  I'm using Debian GNU Linux since 1999 on my "old" Pentium II-266 MHz. Now I've
bought an Acer Aspire 1513 LMI, with an AMD64 3400+ inside. I didn't want to
erase the existing Windows XP, so I bought an external Firewire hard drive (a
Lacie with 160GB of storage capability) and I wanted to install Debian for AMD64
on this drive. I've used the ISO image "sid-amd64-monolithic.iso": it starts
properly, but it's not able to mount my harddrive: I tried to manually
"modprobe" IEEE1394 module, but in the partition menu of the installer I
couldn't  select it. So, I think that's a problem related to the kernel that's
included in it (in fact other distribution recognize the external HD it correctly).

Please, could you help me ?


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