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Installation success on eMachines M6811

I just install pure64 last night on an eMachines M6811 using the 8MB
monolithic ISO.

I used mandrake 10 disc1 to resize the ntfs partition it came with,
then booted the debian cd.

Essentially, it's a success.  X and the touchpad work swimmingly, I
grabbed the Synoptics driver for X and loaded evdev and psmouse kernel
modules.  I haven't used a touchpad in a while and was impressed with
the ability to "tap" the pad with 2 or 3 fingers in order to middle or
right click (it got around the shortcomings of only 2 buttons.

The ethernet works fine, the wireless obviously doesn't work since it
requires the use of ndiswrapper.  My Engenius 200mW card worked fine. 
I could read from the DVD drive, but while copying a 3.9GB file it got
read errors after 2.8GB saying I was accessing beyond the end of the
device... weirdness.

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