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Re: Compiler opt

> Is it correct that both em64t and amd64 have sse2?  (Don't quiz me on
> what exactly that is yet... I'm a beginner in that area.  I'll find it
> on my own...  unless yous can recommend a good book on the subject?)
Yes, they both have. Or AMD is advertising it and lying. ;-)

> > If you're asking for binaries for a particular CPU, this something entirely 
> > different, and is not specific to AMD64. The same applies to i386 vs i686 vs 
> > k7, armv4 vs armv5 vs xscale, and probably most other architectures.
> Do you know if there are plans to, or any real reason to, create a
> libc6-amd64 package?
Aren't you just looking for amd64-libs?


Jérôme Warnier

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