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Goodbye !

Hello everybody !

I am about to unsubsribe to this list, since I don't intend to do much development ... I "just" want to use my Targa laptop on a regular basis, and that it no problem anymore !

I guess, as I have kept the adresse of those who were kind enough to help me, that I can contact them directly through private mails in case I need it ...

Last news : adding the line
/dev/sda /mnt/key vfat user,nosuid default
in the /etc/fstab allows me to mount my USB memory stick as user, no more "permission denied" !

Well : thank you all very much for your support !


Entre le fort et le faible, entre le riche et le pauvre, entre le maître et le serviteur, c'est la liberté qui opprime et la loi qui affranchit.

Henri LACORDAIRE (1802 - 1861)

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