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Re: gcc-3.4 roadmap?

On 04-Aug-26 17:18, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Andreas Jochens wrote:
> >>Is there a list of packages in pure64, that have serious problems
> >>if built with gcc-3.4?
> >
> >The attached list of packages from 'sid' has build problems for the 
> >amd64/gcc-3.4 archive.
> AFAICS these packages don't exist for pure64, either.
> (Except for alsamixergui and celestia. They seem to
> be available for both compilers.)
> I would be interested in the list of problems especially
> introduced by using gcc-3.4 instead of 3.3 as the base
> compiler.

Almost all packages listed in my previous mail should be available in
the pure64/gcc-3.3 archive but not in the amd64/gcc-3.4 archive. The 
list was created by comparing the current 'wanna-build.status' files
of the two archives (packages with status 'installed' or 'uploading'). 

The 'wanna-build.status' file of the gcc-3.3 archive seems to be corrupted 
to some extent, i.e. it does not exactly reflect the content of the 
archive. This may be the reason why the list is not fully correct.

Andreas Jochens

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