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Re: vim doing probs


"Dirk Schleicher" <dirk.schleicher@gmx.de> írta 2004-08-23 21:48-kor:
> I facing a new problem. First I will say thanks for fixing KDE. It's
> working fine. But now I have problem to install other stuff.
> The dependency of vim, vim-common and other vim make problems.
> Maybe I make a mistake or there is a bug. How shut I handle this?
I already find this bug.
The bug is in the vim-common's preinst code...
I assume u use a mirror, which is in late. I also use debian.inode.at. :-(
There the latest vim is: 1:6.3-011+2
On debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org the latest version is: 1:6.3-013+2.

There the shell script is still ugly, but at least it works :-)

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