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Re: amd64 and video card experiences?

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 04:38:23PM +0300, Kyuu Eturautti wrote:

 > As for Nvidia, there's a lot of talk about Geforce series cards, but
 > I've too often found them to be unstable and quite hot (just imo, no
 > flamebait intended). So from Nvidia, I prefer the Quadro series.
 > How's their functionality, are there any experiences?

 I would have said, Quadros run even hotter (given that they are clocked
 higher), but for your question: the NVIDIA binary-only drivers support
 all NVIDIA cards, including the Quadro series.  I have never seen them
 myself in an Opteron box (highest end I've seen myself is a 5950).


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