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Re: Which kernel must I take ?


On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 10:51:18AM +0200, François Dreyfuerst wrote:
> Question : between the differents kernels I can choose (2.6.x-generic, 
> 2.6.x-k8, and so on), which one is the best for me ?
> I had the impression, reading the information aptitude gave me, that the 
> 2.6.x-generic series is not really optimized for amd64, or did I get it 
> wrong ?

The amd64-generic flavour works on all so far available amd64 compatible
systems, it is intended for the installer only.

The amd64-k8 kernel is for all athlon64 and single opteron systems,
while the amd-k8-smp kernel is for, as the name says, smp opterons.

So the amd64-k8 kernel is the right one for your laptop.

The amd64-xeon kernel is for all em64t based intel systems, the already
available xeonDP "nocona" and the just paperlaunched new p4 processor.

Frederik Schueler


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