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kernel-image-amd64 for sarge


in order to have at least a minimal support for amd64 in sarge, we need
a sponsor to upload kernel-image-2.6.7-amd64 2.6.7-6, built on a i386
host with gcc 3.4.1-6 (hitting the archive tonight). 

With that kernel image available, users can run 64bit binaries on their 
i386 debian system, using amd64-libs (a package like ia32-libs for ia64 
and amd64, already in sid). 

The sarge amd64 support will then consist of:

a 64bit kernel with 32bit emulation 
an amd64-libs package to run 64bit binaries
a gcc able to compile 64bit kernels on a i386 host

Who is willing to build the 2.6.7-6 amd64 packages for i386 found in svn, 
and upload them to sid with an apropriate priority so they will end up
in sarge?

Frederik Schueler


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