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Running applications inside the chroot


gives an example for a little script to run commands inside the


/usr/bin/dchroot -c ia32 -d "`echo $0 | sed 's|^.*/||'`" $*

When using the symlink trick with lpq and trying it with a
command line argument I get (sorry for the german locale ;-) ):

$ lpq -Phgg58_1
(ia32) lpq -Phgg58_1
/bin/su: Ungültige Option -- P
Usage: su [OPT] [-] [Benutzername [ARG]]
        -       Wechselt zu einer Login-Shell
        -c, --command=<Befehl>
                übergibt der gestarteten Shell einen Befehl
       -m, -p, --preserve-environment
                Umgebungsvariablen nicht zurücksetzen, selbe
                Shell belassen
       -s, --shell=<Shell>
                <Shell> statt der in /etc/passwd Festgelegten
dchroot: Child exited non-zero.
dchroot: Operation failed.

With the following script, it works as expected (note the
closing double quote has changed position).


/usr/bin/dchroot -c ia32 -d "`echo $0 | sed 's|^.*/||'` $*"

Please update the HOWTO.

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