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Re: Patch to compile 'grub' on amd64

Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:

> On 04-Aug-11 02:57, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:
>> > can now be compiled directly in an amd64 environment. All it needs is
>> > an additional Build-Depends on 'gcc-3.4-i386' (and the amd64-specific
>> > grub-patch, of course).
>> There is no amd64-specific grub patch and there won't be, none is needed.
> Well, I think you did not try to build grub on amd64? 

I did and it is impossible without a complete rewrite of the build system.

> Please look at the attached patch which adds 'amd64' to the

Why didn't you pass --host=i386-linux since grub is being build as
32bit binary?

> Architecture field of the 'grub' package in 'debian/control' and
> 'debian/control.in'. The patch also generalizes four i386-specific
> lines in debian/rules. I do not see how you can build 'grub' on amd64
> without this (or a similar) patch.

You don't. The grub patch currently used patches grub for amd64 to be
build on _i386_. That actually has the sideeffect of not needing amd64
in the control file. You are right though that if grub gets build on
amd64 the control file needs to be patched, if you can call it a patch.

> Regards
> Andreas Jochens
> PS: Did you find a working patch for the grub/initrd/>=4GB boot problem?

Looks like it. The 8GB testsystem boots with it and noone else has
reported failures yet (current alioth version).


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