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Prob with modules 2.6.7

Hi evrybody !

I'm looking for to know why i've modules charged that is not on 
my /etc/modules /etc/modules.conf  , /etc/modutils/.. , /etc/modprobe.d/.. ,  /etc/modprobe.conf 

A exemple for my sound card with snd-via82xx modules
i must to unload module and reload it for it work fine if not it craking.
For my network with the b44 modules for my network card and prism54 for the 
wireless card. I can't load b44 in first to be eth0 and prism54 to by eth1.

discover and discover1 is not install , 

in /etc/rcS.d/ i've S20module-init-tools and S20modutils

I can unload modules b44, snd-via82xx and prism54 by modprobe -r 
b44 ...compiled in module.

What's happening ? i don't know ! 
If anybody have any idea ...


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