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Re: Debian on my Targa laptop, next steps

On Monday 02 August 2004 17:45, François Dreyfuerst wrote:
> 2) Since I only have a DSL Net connection through USB modem, and no floppy
> drive on this laptop anyway, I need to mount my USB memory stick.
> Evrey time I try to do it, I get something like that (hotplug is active, 
usb-storage and sd_mod modules loaded a boot time) :
> >usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using address 4 (4 can be another
> > number) usb 1-3: control timeout on ep0out
> >usb 1-3: control timeout on ep0out
> >usb 1-3: device not accepting address 4, error -110
> >and then the same goes on with 5 instead of 4 as address ...
> When I look in the /dev directory, I see no sd* (or scd*, ...) device.
> cat /proc/scsi/scsi says : "Attached devices : " [none]
> Using the makedev script didn't seem to fix that problem, but ...
> Now comes the most surprising :
> booting from a Mandrake linux (french) distribution in what is called
> "rescue" mode (which doesn't exist on the sid-amd64-NetInstall CD),
> shipping a 2.4.2x kernel, and mounting /dev/hda7 under /mnt, I see all the
> devices I would need under /mnt/dev --> the /dev directory of the Debian
> system, if I'm not absolutely confused. In other words, it looks like all
> the devices have in fact been created, but some of them are not seen under
> Debian ...

Your debian install probably uses devfs. On boot this replaces the 
static /dev, and only creates device nodes (/dev entries) for the devices 
that actually exist.

You aren't getting device nodes because the kernel drivers for your usb disk 
aren't working. All I can suggest is try a different kernel. I have 
experienced USB problems on some machines with 2.6 kernels.


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