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Polite request for amd64 in sid

(CCing to -amd64 so that any discussion that results from this mail will
be visible to more than just me and you.)

Hi ftpmaster,

I'm writing to you as a Debian developer and user who is concerned about
the long inaction with regard to getting the amd64 port of Debian added
to sid. I understand from James's mail to -vote that part of the delay
is due to annoyance with insults from certain vocal amd64 porters and a
desire not to be seen as giving in to blackmail. I fully agree that
personal attacks against you are entirely inappropriate and serve only
to inflame the situation and interfere with progress.

Still, please realize that this reaction is hurting lots of users, big
and small, including many who had nothing to do with those insults. For
example, in my day-to-day life, I am a university student/employee
working with our CS department's technical staff. We will be installing
Athlon 64 CPUs in our machines this summer, and we'd like to run them in
64 bit mode without switching away from our preferred OS (Debian of
course). It's technically possible to do now with Alioth, but by going
with an unofficial port we lose the autobuilding, bugtracking, and QA
infrastructure that comes with being an official Debian port.

Since we run a large production network which students, staff, and
faculty depend on for coursework and research, we care about the quality
of the base we start from in doing our own testing. I'm not asking for
you to force the amd64 port into sarge like the GR on -vote, although I
think its expected good performance in sid may well convince Anthony to
let it into sarge anyway. All I'm asking is, please, remember that it is
from users that Debian gets most of its bug reports, feature suggestions,
word-of-mouth, and NM applicants. Please don't alienate them (us) and
lose all of those benefits so vital to the continued success of Debian
simply due to a spat with a few inconveniently placed foul-mouthed

Thanks for reading this. If you want to have a (friendly) discussion
about this in real-time, I'm usually around Freenode and OFTC during US
Eastern Time afternoons/evenings with the IRC nickname Hydroxide.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
jimmy@debian.org / jk@cs.brown.edu

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