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Re: Installation report -> works with a few problems

finally I've managed to install the nvidia driver and to set up a dualhead 
configuration -- LCD's are much better ;-). It was very simple: I just 
installed the drivers of http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/linux-2.6/ 
(minion.de pached) instead of nvidia's and everything worked fine. :-)

I could also manage to set up the mainboard sensors with the help of  

Some programs crash/don't start:

anjuta dosn't start; I just see the splash screen, a terminal shows:
	(anjuta:6057): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_set_valist: construct 
property "type" for object `ESplash' can't be set after construction
	(anjuta:6057): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: file gobject.c: line 1579 
(g_object_unref): assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed

the second message is recurs 11 times. 

xfig crashes if I click "global settings":
	xfig3.2.5-alpha5: SIGSEGV signal trapped
	xfig: figure empty or not modified - exiting

nedit dosn't start:
	XmFontListCreate() is an obsolete function!

sim stoops/crashes:
1. try -> sim stopped after my fist buddy was loaded
2. try -> sim stopped after my second buddy was loaded
3. try -> sim crashed (KDE crashmanager said: "bug could not be traced back")
4. try and 6. try -> like 1.try
5. try -> like 2.try

If I should write a bug report, please tell me where I should send it. I 
think, the official http://packages.debian.org/unstable/net/sim doesn't seem 
to be the right place, because there is no "amd64" arch.



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