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Re: NVidia and 2.6.x kernels

On Monday 14 June 2004 06:54 am, Per-Arne Hellarvik wrote:
> Since I probably have to run 2.6.x kernel on my new system, which I'm
> going to pick up tomorrow, and my Graphics card is a GeforceFX 5600:
> 5332-drivers from Nvidia does not support 2.6.x kernels. Am I wrong or
> right about this?

   Hi. I'm now using Nvidia version 5332 drivers on 2.6.7-rc3-bk4 on an 
Athlon64 and a GeForce FX5700-Ultra running debian-amd64 port, and it works 
  To be able to install it, you have to follow the instructions and apply the 
patches to the NVidia installer found at:


  Best regards

Claudio Martins

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