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Re: "Trivial Question" - 32bit vs. 64bit vs. 32/64bit

Chris Horn <chris@beefstew.net> writes:

> How would I go 
> about running GL games, like Quake, Critical Mass and Return to Castle 
> Wolfenstein?  Does ALSA work in 64 bits?  Do nVidia's video drivers?

Acutally the nVidia drivers depend a lot on the kernel, at least the 
drivers that are available for public download. The 1.0-5332 driver from
nVidias web site won't compile with a 2.6 kernel, so you can only use
it with 2.4 kernels. There is a new driver coming up (and already available
for registered nVidia partners) that will do also with kernel 2.6 but AFAIK
its not yet public. 

> Applications aside, I thought the Opteron could run either 32bit stuff or 
> 64bit stuff natively.  If this is so, then why does there need to be a 
> software compatibility mode?

The problem that I see (maybe I'm wrong) is that usually you can't have
both a 32bit and 64bit driver running at the same time. So if your driver
(e.g. the graphics driver) is 64bit and your application is 32 bit you 
might need a sort of "translation layer" that brings the two worlds 
together. Otherwise 3D graphics from 32bit programs won't be able to use
the accelerated 64bit driver.

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