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Re: AMD64 howto

* TJ 

| Do you mean after a month of burn-in?

No, I mean that Debian is not mature on amd64 and I would not run
something which is not mature on a production system.

| Or are there new projects coming to fruition then, maybe a release
| of some sort?

I'm hoping to have a working, generally-available development
environment by then.

| We generally give them 1 month out in staging, 2 months as a backup
| fail over, then move them to primary.  Currently, the plan is to run
| the web servers as debian 32 with a biarch chroot only for iptables,
| the database servers as debian 32 with a biarch chroot for iptables
| and a pure64 chroot running postgresql.  I've gotten both of these
| up over the weekend and initial regression tests are going smoothly.

Ok, you seem to have thought about how you are doing things, at
least. :)

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