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Re: preliminary 2.6.5 debian-installer udebs

Frederik Schueler wrote:

Hi list,

I finished building the first try of a generic x86_64 2.6.5 kernel
suited for the amd64 Debian-Installer, to be found at

The kernel has IA32 emulation activated, and comes in 3 flavours:
generic, k8 and k8-smp.

the generic one is intended for DI and already split into udebs, which
can actually be found at http://users.idf.de/~fs/debian-AMD64/udebs/

I would be glad to upload this stuff to alioth. I alredy registered
there but need proper permissions.
More packages for biarch+woody will follow as soon as I cleaned them up
- I needed to backport some DI kernel build framework stuff.

Good stuff.
I'm a newby that has been lurking on this list almost since it began.
Watching all this come together has been a great experience,
even if I haven't been able to be directly involved.


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