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Re: Fontconfig problems in pure64

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 05:13:11PM +0000, Josh Hansen wrote:
> Any attempt to run a gtk2-based app (e.g. mozilla-firefox, synaptic) gives me 
> the oh-so-familiar "No fonts found" fontconfig error. I compared 
> my /etc/fonts/fonts.conf to that found in my 32-bit debian setup and there 
> was absolutely no difference. So apparently pure64 by default has some sort 
> of deeper configuration issue ??? Can anybody else confirm having this 
> problem?
> 	I do have some truetype fonts installed, such as bitstream-vera. fc-cache 
> shows a list of 15 or so fonts that it recognizes. Could the problem be at 
> the application end? Or a defoma issue?
> Attached is my fonts.conf, local.conf (from /etc/fonts/) and my X config. Any 
> other diagnostic info can be made available if necessary :-)
> No apparent xrender problems.
> Thanks!
> - Josh

Just to say that I'm having the same issue, we should do some
investigation about it.

Davide Puricelli, dpuricelli@tin.it
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