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Re: openssl (and ssh)

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 03:07:14PM -0800, Alex Perry wrote:
> The upstream version of openssl passes "make test" using default settings.
> So it's a debian issue.  This is how I got round it:
> You just pull the debian source,
> look in the file "Configure" for the line
> containing "linux-x86_64",
> duplicate it,
> on the copy change that string to be "debian-amd64",
> then debuild.  The resulting packages seem to work.
> I've got to run an errand.  I'll put the modified version on the archive
> when I get back ... and put a bug report in that requests the change.
> The paragraph above should be enough for people who're in a hurry.
> 8-)
> Alex.

Openssl works fine for me after rebuilding it with the following change:

This line gets added to openssl-0.9.7c/Configure

"debian-amd64","gcc:-DL_ENDIAN -DTERMIO -O3 -Wall -fomit-frame-pointer -DMD32_REG_T=int::-D_REENTRANT::-ldl:SIXTY_FOUR_BIT_LONG RC4_CHUNK RC4_CHAR BF_PTR2 DES_INT DES_UNROLL:asm/x86_64-gcc.o:::::::::dlfcn:linux-shared:-fPIC::.so.\$(SHLIB_MAJOR).\$(SHLIB_MINOR)",

Unfortunately I can't post the .deb, but add that line and recompile and
it works.  Well, at least ssh-keygen seems to work.  


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