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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

> [..] Some of us, however, would like to just get a quick-n-dirty port 
> going so that we can use our 64bit systems as 64bit.  
I dont like quick-n-dirty solutions. its a easy way to workaround problems that
to be solved. everyone say such a solution is temporary. But in fact they won't
because everybody use it. I have seen that a lot in our company. You waste more
to clean up.  
> [..] In fact, I expect Oracle will do that once people start asking 
> for it, if they havn't already. 
Could be. i dont want to ask every single company to port their software on
They port it only if they see a way to gain money. For native 64bit environment
will have problems to get users and/or companies which use it. You get them only
you have the apps they need (open or proprietary). if a only 64bit environment
be really needed then IA-64 would have been more successful.  

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