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problems with 64-bit kernel, NIS

Hi all,

I've set up a standard (32-bit) sarge install on a dual Opteron system,
and then cross compiled a 64-bit kernel in a chroot environment following
the instructions in the HOWTO on alioth, but after booting the 64-bit
kernel, I'm getting some weird problems in some programs.  Everything
works again if I go back to the 32-bit kernel.  Both kernels are compiled
from unpatched 2.6.1 sources from kernel.org.

The most obvious problems are with the NIS package.  This is quite reliably
unreliable.  ypserv segfaults after about 10 or 15 minutes and running
'make' in /var/yp fails to build new database files.

Has anyone else had similar problems or know of something that might
cause this?  Has anyone else run an NIS server with a 64-bit kernel?


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