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Newbie questions: gaming, stability and motherboards

Hi there,

My main home server, dual celeron 333, has been faithful but is getting
old, and the fans are starting to fail.

My gaming machine, an athlon 1.3 with a hot thoroughbred core, is
showing its age.

I'm considering building an opteron system.

If I decide to replace my gaming machine, I have very important

Has anybody played a game of quake3 on an Opteron yet?  Are the mesa
libraries functional under 64bit Linux?  I'm currently running (an old)
Radeon, but am not opposed to getting NVidia anymore.

Are there any known issues with running Loki's titles on 64bit Linux?
Transgaming Winex?  ScummVM?  DOSEMU?

If I decide to replace my workstation, my only requirement is rock solid
stability, both hardware and software.  I was able to monkey and fiddle
while I was in grad school, but at this point, I just need to be a
"productive user" and have my system "work" reliably.

Also, I'm a little lost on motherboards.  I understand that if I get an
SMP machine, I want a motherboard with 2 memory buses to get maximal
performance.  These motherboards seem to cost on the order of $400 USD.
I don't use Windows, so whatever I get needs to have excellent Linux
support.  I don't want feature-rich, since I already have PCI cards for
video, sound, net, scsi.  I'd like to play with SATA.  Any
recommendations for specific motherboards?

Thanks for any guidance!


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