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Re: [multiarch] Proposal for *-dev packages

I think this discussion has veered way off track.
glibc is the bottom line.  If you cannot install multiple subarchs of
glibc in parallel, then multiarch support is basically broken: you
*cannot* run i386 binaries on a system with an amd64 glibc (without a
chroot, which isn't a solution for users) and the backwards compatibility
of the platform is completely lost.  Likewise if you install a i386 glibc
on a user's amd64 machine, they might as well have bought a pentium.
--purge and --reinstall to switch subarchs is just not a valid option for
glibc, on which just about every debian package depends.

Let's not talk as if this was a reasonable thing.

The whole point of having separate /lib, /lib64, /lib32 directories is so
that subarch packages *don't* conflict.  it doesn't matter if the so-names
are the same or different, or if there are executable *-config files;
the live in separate directories.  debian has broken this to some
degree because every library package puts some files in /usr/share/doc,
and those files conflict.

I don't think *anything* which is not 'Architecture: all' should be
putting *anything* in a 'share' directory.  The filesystem specification
explicitly states that this directory is for files which should be shared
between architectures.  This was relevant for shared multi-arch NFS roots
far before these recent subarch discussions have arisen.
 --scott [flame away!]

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