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Re: Loader Magic

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Stephen Waters wrote:

> I wonder if Standards Folk are counting the extra registers in their
> memory assessment. If gcc is optimized to make good use of them, are the
> memory req's still as strenuous?

as a compiler guy, I would guess that the effects of making your cache
effectively half as large (by using twice as much space for all your
pointers) will far outweigh the beneficial effects of having more

But it's worth noting that the MIPS architecture has /lib, /lib32, and
/lib64 for this reason.  /lib32 is the old backwards-compatible 32-bit
mips libraries (o32); /lib64 is the new 64-bit libraries (n64), and the
default /lib is a new 32-bit format (n32) which uses the additional
features of the 64-bit chips and thus doesn't run on old machines.

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