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Re: chroot, sarge and biarch

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

You should start of with woody since sarge has a too new glibc.

Yes, I'am running woody now, with a "biarch-compiled" Kernel 2.4.24.

Is there an existing option in apt-get or dpkg, to force the reinstall
of the alioth-version over the original sarge packages? ...in other
words to replace libc6, libc6-dev, gcc-3.3, libncurses5-dev, wget and
bzip2 with the biarch versions?

apt-get install --reinstall

Ok, that is a way of "force". But then I have the problem, that many essential debs, which depend on original (newer) sarge debs will be removed. I guess I will run sarge on a 32bit-2.6.x, until better versioning according your plans comes up.

Thank you,

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