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Re: crosscompiling - the saga continues

Anthony Cozzie wrote:
Xavier Hienne wrote:

Anthony Cozzie wrote:

Well, once again I have failed to get the 2.4.23 kernel to crosscompile. I went to the alioth http site and specifially downloaded and dpkg --force-all installed the biarch versions of gcc/libc/g++/etc. I think I am doing something stupid since from the error messages it looks like gcc isn't even _trying_ to generate AMD64 assembly:

Right. What command line did you use ? The Debian amd64 howto suggests :
ARCH="x86_64" make HOSTCC="gcc -m32" bzImage

Exactly that.  I even did the bart wrapper.

First you might check if bart wrapper is actually called when compiling your kernel :
# readlink -f $(which -p gcc)

Then, supposing you made several attempts to configure and compile your kernel, therefore leading to broken dependencies, you might want to clean your kernel tree :
# ARCH="x86_64" make HOSTCC="gcc -m32" dep
# ARCH="x86_64" make HOSTCC="gcc -m32" clean


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