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Re: Failure to cross-compile kernel

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 12:10, Anthony Cozzie wrote:
> I am trying to crosscompile a 64 bit linux kernel for my dual opteron.
> When I try to setup the chroot, not all of the packages can download.  I 
> created the chroot and was able to install gcc-3.3 from the biarch 
> toolchain, but when I try to install libc6 it complains that it cannot 
> be downloaded.  Am I supposed to get this package from the regular tree?

What I had to do was manually download a bunch of libc and gcc packages
and dpkg --force them to install. I was able to compile a kernel that
booted (2.6.1-rc2-bk1), but it was very unstable.

I wish you better luck!

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