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problems with 2.6 kernel

MSI K8T Master2-FAR
Dual Opteron 240
Radeon VE
Intel e100

I've downloaded 2.6.1-rc1-bk4. I successfully compiled (gcc
3.3.2ds2-0pre4.biarch1) it in a sarge chroot after fooling around with
dpkg downgrades in the sarge archive listed in the FAQ. 

Although it booted,
 1. fsck.reiserfs said it had bread errors reading my reiser partition
(luckily the rest were ext3)
 2. /dev/misc/watchdog appeared to be gone so I had to disable the
 3. It's confusing that you pass 'gcc -m32' to make a 64-bit kernel
 4. Init complained about unrecognized signal or something
 5. Debian package 'hotplug' scripts complained very loudly
 6. kept getting a modprobe failure (it was a monolithic kernel)
 7. X segfaulted lots

In general, it was very unstable. I plan on trying 2.6.1-rc2-bk1 soon.

Anyone have suggestions regarding the above?

Thanks, y'all rock!

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