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Re: Ideas about the lib / lib64 names, subarchs, porting guidelines [Re: irc brainstorming notes]

* Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> [031209 17:16]:
> Could. A i686 autobuilder (or a way to get the i386 to compile for a
> different target) would be needed.
> Not sure how i484, i586, i686 debs are supposed to be build anyway?

This may require a bit of debian/rules hacking.  But since it's not been
a problem for 99.99% of the packages (exceptions being glibc, mplayer,
kernel, etc) we don't need to worry about these changes.  The means are
there... dpkg-architecture can very well return i686, but some packages
may chose to ignore it.

> There isn't realy any support to recompiled for a better arch. I guess
> they would need a gcc wraper that adds -mcpu=i686 instead of our
> -m32/64.

Ideally I think this too could be handled by autoconf.  configure
--build and --conf options should be sufficient to let configure pick
the right compiler.  We may have to setup symlinks/wrappers to support
'linux-${arch}-gcc' and so on.

I would like for gcc to build for the architecture specified by uname -m
by default.  It would be nice if that was done right in gcc and not a
wrapper, as it is hacked to do now.


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