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Re: Status of project

On Sunday 09 November 2003 02:35, Markus Spitzli wrote:
> Sorry my question. i am not familiar with the difference between the
> solution of redhat and debian.
> what exactly is different?
> why is your solution different than redhat?

On Red Hat Linux, all packages are built for 64 bit by default
and they provide a package with the compatibility libraries
for running certain 32 bit packages. In general, it is possible
to install 32 bit rpm packages on amd64 Red Hat Linux but it
is not always possible to install both versions of a library package
at the same time. I'd be surprised if you e.g. manage to run both
32 bit and 64 bit KDE applications on RHL at the same time.
Moreover, you can not install the headers for building 32 bit binaries
on 64 bit RHL. The compiler supports 32 bit mode, but you cannot
build anything more complex with it.

With Debian on AMD64, the goal is to have maximum compatibility, i.e.
being able to have any 32 bit and 64 bit packages coexist when they
don't already conflict on a single architecture. Apt-get can be used
to resolve the dependencies for either version. A special requirement
here is that not only the location of 64 bit shared libraries is
different (in $prefix/lib64, like on Red Hat and all others), but also
the package name for a library package is special (e.g. lib64c6
instead of libc6) in order to enable automatic dependencies to work.

It should be possible to build anything from source for both
versions within the same file system.

Another thing that is special is that we don't need build all packages
for 64 bit at first, because 32 bit packages are supposed to work
just as well.

	Arnd <><

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