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Kernel question

Hi All,

So I made the plunge.  I installed a semi-recent Debian unstable
on a new dual Opteron 244 on a Tyan 2880 board and then
installed Bart's newest 64 bit kernel (2.4.23-pre5-amd64) and
some key 64 bit debs from Barts site.  Things seem OK.  I can
compile and run 64 bit apps just fine.

But now I'm having some problems with my 3Ware RAID card and
ext3 (and possible NFS).  I believe they are kernel related
issues and want to post to LKML with them.  But first, I wanted
to get a brief rundown on how recent or what x86-64 updates
have been applied to the 2.4.23-pre5 kernel.  Is this using a
x86-64.org CVS kernel as base?

Thanks a bunch.  You'll probably be seeing my name on the board
quite a bit in the weeks following...


Scott M. Ransom              Address:  McGill Univ. Physics Dept.
Phone:  (514) 398-6492                 3600 University St., Rm 338
email:  ransom@physics.mcgill.ca       Montreal, QC  Canada H3A 2T8 
GPG Fingerprint: 06A9 9553 78BE 16DB 407B  FFCA 9BFA B6FF FFD3 2989

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