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Modutils patch needs some more work?

The 32bit modutils still can't depmod on a 64bit kernel because of a structure size mismatch due to pointer differences:

Sat Oct 4 12:08:06 2003: depmod: Unexpected value (32) in '/lib/modules/2.4.23-pre6-amd64/kernel/drivers/ieee1394/video1394.o' for ieee139
Sat Oct 4 12:08:06 2003: It is likely that the kernel structure has changed, if so then Sat Oct 4 12:08:06 2003: you probably need a new version of modutils to handle this kernel.
Sat Oct  4 12:08:06 2003:       Check linux/Documentation/Changes.

This is because of the following in <source>/drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394_hotplug.h

struct ieee1394_device_id {
        u32 match_flags;
        u32 vendor_id;
        u32 model_id;
        u32 specifier_id;
        u32 version;
        void *driver_data;

The size of the void* changes between 32 and 64bit, so this changes the value of the structure to be different to what modutils expects.


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