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short update


  I've worked on several packages today [1].  Mostly bringing them upto
date with sid as well as some minor fixes.  Please use one of the
mirrors (like alioth [2]).

 [1] http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/log.php3
 [2] http://debian-x86-64.alioth.debian.org/

My next step will be to package up kernel-2.4.23-pre5 w/ Arnd's modutils

I've also been asked to fix some bugs in libtool; the cvs HEAD branch
currently fails to build on amd64.  I will look into that next.

Finally, I hope to add architecture pinning into apt so that an apt-get
upgrade is not as destructive as it currently is (by pulling in 32bit


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