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Rewritten IDE-Driver for nForce3


it may be of interest to some of you, that I have rewritten the 2.4.21
IDE-driver so one can set the DMA-flag on nForce3-based mainboards.
Initially provided by SuSE as a patch, it did not work with the 2.4.21
kernel from kernel.org... but what are geeks for, hu? ;)

I can not guarantee anything but so far, it's been working just fine on
my SK8N mainboard and I haven't had any trouble yet. Transfer rates
skyrocketed up from ~4MB/s to ~42MB/s and CPU-load is less than 2%.

Feel free to use the files, given that I have NO idea how to make a
patch-file I just provided the modified files and an Readme, changelog
is going to follow tonight.
The archive comes with an INSTALL document, just follow the
instructions, recompile your 2.4.21 kernel and you're good to go. I
don't know whether this is also going to work with 2.4.22, haven't tried
that yet, feel free to do so.

Feedback is greatly appreciated

Martin Jungowski

PS: The file can also be downloaded here:

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