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Re: alioth project name change: debian-x86-64 -> debian-amd64

Bart Trojanowski (2003-09-10 14:24:10 -0400) :

> Dear Alioth Admin,
>   As you may be aware AMD changed the name of their architecture
> earlier this year.  The change occurred just a month after the
> alioth project for the debian port was started.
>   What would be involved in having the project renamed to
> debian-amd64?

There is no pre-defined functionality in Gforge for doing this.

  The problem is that a change in group name would have an impact on
lots of things.  The database is no problem, but then there's LDAP,
files, mailing-lists, DNS records, virtual hosts, and probably more I
can't think of since it's quarter past nine and I'm not quite awake
yet.  Lots of things that would have to be done by hand, unless
someone automates it.  Feel free to submit a patch or a bug report on

  In the meantime, if you really want to rename your project, I
suggest you create a new project by the new name and move there, then
request that we close down the old one.

Roland Mas

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