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Re: OT: eth0 and eth1 swap around,

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Ian Norton wrote:

> hi, this is slightly OT, the dual broadcom gigabit ethernet interfaces on my
> opteron system seem to swap around occasionally, today eth0 became eth1 etc,
> any ideas how i can solve this?

I've only seen this when I changed from a i386 kernel to an amd64 kernel
and not otherwise, but I agree that it is annoying. I documented this in
my install report as one of the irritating things preventing a smooth

> oh, btw, for those of you wanting to know, i have just compiled linux
> 2.4.22 for amd64-smp out of the box using the compiler from the debian
> aloith project. all seems to be going well,

Sounds good, I should probably try and upgrade to 2.4.22 on my play
machine soon too.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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