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Re: amd64 and dpkg and so

Sorry for the late reply... I've been a bit busy lately.

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [030817 08:41]:
> * Mattias Wadenstein <maswan@acc.umu.se> [2003-08-17 10:34]:
> > Adam Heath didn't like Bart Trojanowski's ideas about how it should be
> > done. Bart has done a quick implementation of his ideas so that we have
> > anything to actually work with until Adam's solution is put into dpkg.
> This is all nice, but if you want to wait for dpkg 2.0 then you won't
> see AMD64 support for sarge.  So I'm wondering if someone can
> implement Adam's solution and provide patches.  Bart?

I have some patches against dpkg 1.10.  I realize that as it stands Adam
will not accept the full patch -- he pointed out parts that he does not
like.  I agree it's a hack. :/

I hope that the work I am doing will provide of some merrit towards dpkg
2.00.  I will port these patches to 1.11 once that is released.

As some of you know, I have a new responsibility now -- my 2 week old
daugher -- and have quite a bit less time to work on this stuff.  I am
plowing through it but not at the rate I would want -- winning the
lottery would be nice :)

Anyway, I have some bug fixes to work through first (glibc & fakeroot
specifically) and after that I hope to resume my goal to document all
the stuff I have changed.


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