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Re: toolchain howto

On Tuesday 02 September 2003 18:31, Steve Feehan wrote:

> My idea is to NOT replace any package that doesn't need to be
> replaced. So if I can get away with not replacing XFree86 then
> I will avoid it.

You should definitely check if you need XFree86, there is a lot of
stuff that needs a 64 bit libX11. If you need libX11, you can
probably forget about building everything yourself. There are
at least 50 packages that you need before compiling XFree86,
some have circular dependencies. If you can live without 64 bit
libpam, libX11, libperl and libtcl, your chances are quite good.

> My users may be unique in that they really only need a pretty
> simple build environment. The toolchain and a few libs are
> (hopefully) all that needs to be supplied. Nearly all of the
> base system can be 32 bit as far as I'm concerned, as long
> as a user is able to compile a 64 bit binary if she really
> wants/needs to.

In that case, you might even be able to use the tool chain that I 
created for sarge, with a few tweaks. The biarch gcc-3.3
can be installed in parallel with woodys gcc-2.95, but you'll
have to find a way to work around the different glibc versions
and rebuild some packages from source.

	Arnd <><

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